Re-Skilling the Migrants

ZMQ sees post-COVID crisis as a biggest threat due to increased unemployment especially in informal/semi-skilled sector. There is a need to prepare meaningful engagement for mass migrants. It is the right time to plan intervention to address this issue and train them for newer livelihood opportunities. ZMQ has program called ‘Ajeevika Connect’ for Skills Development and Livelihood Generation for the poorest of the poor women under Self Help Groups (SHGs) in rural areas using digital tools. We want to re-adapt this model for workers rendered jobless due to COVID. It has a Digital Skills Training in local language comprising of ‘Basic Soft-Skills Training’- Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship Development, Promotion/Packaging training which is embedded with Three ‘Livelihood-Generation’  training programs- Farm (Agriculture), Off-Farm (Dairy & Fisheries) and Non-Farm (Local Manufacturing like Sanitary Napkins/Face Masks). Training modules are interactive and rich in multi-media, quality graphics and audio-visual support through mobile to cater semi-literate less literate communities. We will also have few Face-to-Face Practical Classrooms which will commence after lockdown where social distancing will be maintained.