ZMQ is using its FreedomTB – and re-adapting it for COVID-19 response. It is a mobile phone based platform for adherence and treatment of Tuberculosis patients. The platform has a strategy called ACTS – Active Compliance and Treatment System which uses VOT (Video Observed Treatment) approach for patient to report swallowing of TB pills using a video selfie. The App has lot of self-learning and behaviour change tools. FreedomTB has been upgraded to deliver customized and localized communication to TB patients and their rural families in the community on COVID-19.

FreedomTB is a ready platform running since 2016 with over 16,500 patients treated through mobile App on VOT (Video Observed Treatment) and is reaching to almost 130,000 people in the rural areas in India and Uganda. FreedomTB has been upgraded to provide additional information on COVID-19 to the rural communities; especially TB patients and their families.