COVID mHealth System

ZMQ is currently working on ‘Integrated COVID mHealth System’ for last-mile communities engaging community health workers (ASHAs and VHTs), sub-centers (HC-II), PHCs (HC-III) and CHCs (HC-IV). The solution is focused on diagnostics, case finding, tracking, referral, treatment and prevention. It is a holistic 360 degree COVID-19 solution to manage the pandemic ideally suited in the conditions where there is a limitation of movement of communities. The current innovation is based on the already existing program on Tuberculosis (FreedomTB) in India and Uganda with just changing the track.

mHealth System will have screening tools for CHWs and create a classified referral system for sub-centers, PHCs and CHCs, which will help in reducing burden of COVID patients on district hospitals to manage large cases.  CHWs will have a toolkit to screen communities and classify them based on colours: Green – No symptoms; Orange-Mild symptom for people or who have travel history (need to go for quarantine) and require follow-up which will be managed by PHCs/CHCs; and Red-people with symptoms (cough, fever etc.) who need referral to hospitals (HC-IV). VHT toolkit will also have digital training kit and behaviour change tools in local languages. System will have Dashboard which will be managed at HC-IV level. System will be connected with Super-Doctor (24X7) and set of doctors stationed locally in the specific countries. Super-Doctor will train local doctors and will also consult them at any moment of time. VHTs will consult the local doctors.  As it is a digital platform, it is cost-effective with minimum on ground travels and can easily be set-up remotely. The Super-Doctor component brings in the experience of Indian doctors and the India;s successful model of tackling COVID-pandemic which has been very effective. It has potential to scale to other developing and under-developed countries.