ZMQ’s mission is to create series of digital COVID response for variety of issues – from preparedness, relief to post-COVID. The objective is to develop inclusive model which is focused on rural communities, poor, slum dwellers, migrant workers, unemployed, women, school children and youth. ZMQ is developing these solutions for India, Africa and Afghanistan. As an immediate response to the pandemic, ZMQ has adapted its existing programs for COVID response.

ZMQ’s initiative ‘Right to Connectivity as Right to Life’ reached out to Telcos for sustained free connectivity to all subscribers under Rs.10/-. ZMQ’s Safe-Ways model provides opportunity to migrant workers returning to their home villages safely. ZMQ is establishing a digital skills platform for returning migrants to re-skills them in their villages for newer livelihood opportunities, as a post-pandemic solution.

The larger objective of FreedomCOVID19 is the following:

1. Immediate COVID-19 relief to marginalized and under-privileged communities in LMICs (Low and Middle Income Countries);
2. Post-COVID preparedness which is about health and beyond such as unemployment, re-skilling of migrants, labour rights, women issues,      stigma, discrimination, mental health etc.
3. Building capacities of communities to understand risks to lessen collateral damage of disasters.
4. Developing new models to tackle future pandemics such as climate change, new viral diseases, disasters and natural calamities.
5. Reducing the growing inequities in other areas of healthcare such as Tuberculosis, Maternal & Child Health, SRHR  and other priority public              health issues which has surfaced due to COVID-19.