About Us

As a ‘Technology for Development’ social enterprise, ZMQ has always been at the forefront of providing healthcare solutions using technology to strengthen the last-mile health systems in LMICs (low and middle income countries). We are pioneers in delivering appropriate messaging at the last-mile by deploying frontline health workers who have been directly engaging with millions of rural, under-privileged and marginalized communities.

ZMQ identifies critical social problems of poor, rural, under-privileged & unreached communities; develops practical technology-linked solutions; implements it on the ground by building a system-changing model by providing timely information to communities and connects them with sustainable life-saving products and services. ZMQ’s methodology to solve these social problems is based on a ‘System-Change’ approach, and works on multiple converging issues like healthcare, education, livelihood and climate change.

ZMQ has 20 years of experience in developing system-change solutions for various communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Polio, Malaria and other tropical and subtropical disease including the neglected diseases. ZMQ’s holistic program on Maternal and Child Health (MIRA Channel) caters to multiple needs of rural communities – Ante-natal care, Post-natal care, Neo-natal care, Immunization, Family Planning and Adolescent health. ZMQ’s programs on communicable diseases uses a 360 degree approach to address issues related to ground building, case finding, tracing, referral, follow-up and adherence to treatment (like the FreedomTB). ZMQ also works on NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) such as Hyper-tension and Diabetes; and have recently commenced its working on Cardio-vascular diseases and Oncology. We have recently concluded a pilot project on Mental Health which focused on issues related to Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability.

ZMQ is using a holistic 360 degree approach (system-change model) to address serious issues related to ‘COVID and Beyond’ to create impactful models which can be scaled by organizations world-wide. At the grass-root level, we work with communities, local NGOs, community workers, and government infrastructure to facilitate exchange of knowledge, inculcate behaviour change, connect with service and collect quality data for analysis with an objective to improve lives of rural communities. With the support of technology, in this entire process of program implementation and dissemination, the system captures data points at every step to generate reports to gauge impact across programs all around the world.